Simple Courtesy

Such a simple thing.  Don’t know why I am posting this.  Yet as obvious as it seems, some people don’t seem to understand.

A few days ago, I arrived at an off-site work location.  People from about a dozen and a half different entities were meeting to work together, never having met before.  I walked in, asked who was in charge, then made my way over to him to introduce myself.  I’ll call him Gene.  He had been talking to one of the newly arrived men, was now talking to the another in a casual, welcome-to-the-facility kind of manner.  I walked up to him and to the other guy and said, excuse me.  Gene whipped around, and replied in a most dismissive and condescending manner, I’ll get to you when I’m finished with him.  Then he turned away.


Walked away, found my work area, and proceeded to get ready.

Someone must then have told Gene exactly who I was and who I worked for, because suddenly he sought me out and was sticky sweet welcoming. I was polite, nothing more.  For the next days, he sought me out on several occasions, asked if I needed coffee, anything else, anything at all.  I remained polite, nothing more, turning down his offers, all the while thinking, you know very well that I know exactly who you are.  One of those people who demeans anyone he deems subordinate, while effecting a hearty, familiar manner with his (apparent) peer and betters.

The simple thing that I mentioned?  If you are courteous to everyone, you never have to worry about offending the wrong person.  Seems obvious, however…


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